Who we are and what do we do?

We’re a passionate team that loves Team Fortress 2. We love it for its gameplay, story, its unique cast of characters and environments.

A few months ago, when s&box started to release access to the Source 2 tools and ways to create custom gamemodes, we started to ask ourselves: «how would TF2 look like if it was ported to Source 2?». We know that Source 2 provides a lot of graphical improvements as well as a new physics engine. It is a lot more up-to-date to modern game development standards, compared to the two decades old Source, yet similar in some ways. So seeing this game in a new modern engine really interests us.

And we know that Team Fortress community has been wondering the same, and now we finally have a good opportunity to answer this question: we have decided to gather a team of experienced game developers and begin our Team Fortress: Source 2 project, TF:S2 for short. This name is still a codename until we figure out the final one.

Together, we are aiming to recreate the Team Fortress 2 experience in Source 2 using s&box, with many improvements to the base game, as well as creating a truly new unique Team Fortress experience.

We want to take advantage of the Source 2 toolset and use it to its best to create this new experience.

Questions & Answers

Q: So what can I expect from you?
A: We are a fully volunteer project. We are messing with s&box to see what’s possible, and how could we correctly make a TF2 experience on it.
Our overall development process will be shared via dev blogs, and some snippets will be shared on our respective team members’ social media accounts.

Q: Can I join you?
A: For sure! We are constantly looking for new members to help us on this project, so if you’re interested and have previous experiences, you can fill out our application form on the team page.
We are providing a fair, organized, and healthy work environment for everyone on the team.
If you join the team, we will provide you ways and different opportunities to contribute to the project and gain personal experience!
You can apply using the form, linked on our team page.

Q: Can I apply if I don’t have s&box access yet?
A: For some roles on the team, having access to the game is crucial - this is mostly relevant to programmers, level designers, and people whose work requires the Source 2 engine toolset.
For some, however, access to s&box is a completely optional benefit, like concept artists, writers, and other roles that don’t necessarily need to use the Source 2 tools.
So whether you need s&box access to join the team or not, depends on whether the role you are applying to is meant to work directly with the engine tools.

Q: Can you provide s&box access to new members?
A: Considering how s&box dev preview access is currently being distributed (introduction of the queue system, followed by the removal of the nomination system), it is currently unclear if we will be able to provide access to new members. We are trying our best to sort this question out.
But at the moment of writing, we know for sure that we cannot provide access to new team members. This page will be updated in the future if we have any news about this.